Surf Lessons Costa Rica

Surf Lessons Costa Rica

The beautiful sand and blue ocean of Tamarindo offers the best place to enjoy the sun and surf. What better way to have fun on your vacation than to take surf lessons in Costa Rica? Surf lessons allow you to get into the water and experience the waves the same way that locals have been for generations. You can learn how to surf from leading experts who know these waters intimately.

Choosing Surf Lessons in Costa Rica

It can take years to master surfing difficult waves, but you can learn to surf and get up on a board with some basic surf lessons in Costa Rica. Beginner surf lessons are the ideal way to get into the water and actually surf on your Costa Rica vacation. Beginning lessons start with learning the basics on land.

Experienced instructors will teach you about waves, wind, swell, currents and tide so you can grasp the effects of the water. You will also learn how to properly stand on your board and what to do when you fall off your board. You will get important safety instructions that will allow you to become comfortable with what to do before you begin surfing.

Once you have completed the land portion of the lesson you will be able to get in the water and actually start to surf. Tamarindo is the ideal location to learn to surf because it has gentle waves and a nice beach that gives you the perfect setting to get up on your board. The instructor will teach you how to paddle out and when to choose a wave for riding. You will get plenty of personal instruction as you learn to surf.

Create the Perfect Vacation

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do when you visit the beaches of Costa Rica. The waves in Tamarindo are ideal for surf lessons in Costa Rica. Choose from one lesson, a three lesson surf course or a five lesson course. You can book your lessons online before your trip so you will be assured of getting a slot reserved for surf lessons.

Our three and five lesson courses will build on the basic beginner lesson and give you the skills and confidence to become more adept on your board. You will soon be able to stand on the board and actually surf! You can take lessons with your friends or family members. Lessons are limited in size to ensure that everyone gets some one-on-one time with the instructor.

When you take surf lessons in Costa Rica you will be able to spend more time enjoying the water and beautiful beaches. The waves here are the best for beginners to learn the basics without fear. If you already know how to surf you can get some support and guidance to refresh your skills. Once you learn to surf you will certainly want to return again and again to vacation here so you can spend time in our spectacular part of the ocean.  

Surf Lessons Costa Rica
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