Costa Rica Surfing Beaches

Costa Rica Surfing Beaches

There are many terrific Costa Rica surfing beaches to consider for your first surf lesson. Tamarindo Surf Academy offers one of the best beginning lesson packages of any surf shop you’ll find on Costa Rica. If you’re new to surfing or are interested in taking home memories you can share with friends and family, consider Tamarindo’s beaches for a safe and exciting experience on top of a surfboard.

Why Consider Tamarindo For Your First Lesson?

Surfers of every skill level come to Tamarindo from all corners of the globe for its unique surf opportunities that include excellent breakwater surfing and past-the-breaker green waves. Tamarindo Surf Academy truly offers everyone n your group the chance to get in the water and develop or improve skills without paying the high rates most other surf shops charge for the same quality lessons. Whether you’re a complete beginner on a surfboard or have some experience behind you but just need some technique improvement, you’ll find us exceptionally accommodating.

Maximize Your Time on Costa Rica

Whatever your reasons for visiting our beautiful tropical location, be sure to carve out some time to surf the area’s world-famous beaches. We offer surf lessons to people from all walks of life and of all ages, and our instructors are able to provide individualized lessons without rushing you through the paces. Enjoy catching the perfect wave looking out over some of the most pristine waters in the world. With a few affordable lessons, you’ll be out past the breakwater enjoying the thrill and adventure of surfing the best Costa Rica surfing beaches.

Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

Don’t leave Costa Rica without creating lasting memories at Tamarindo Surf Academy. If you’re in Costa Rica on business, you’ll want to maximize every minute of your stay by taking advantage of area-specific activities, like world-class sports fishing, beach combing, and, of course, surfing. We speak with many students who tell us they were reluctant to sign up for lessons due to no prior experience but were talked into taking a lesson by a friend or family member- and that decision was one that made their entire vacation something to really remember.

All-Level Surf Lessons

Choose a single beginner’s lesson at a very affordable rate or opt for one of our surf camps with a 3-lesson or 5-lesson surf course, depending on your level of skill or objectives. Our single lesson will have you catching your very first wave while our 3-lesson course will get you out in the breakwater selecting waves to ride in- our 5-lesson course is for those who have completed our 3-lesson course or who bring some skill to the table and wish to improve technique.

Book your lessons early to guarantee the availability of instructors. Enjoy your time on the best Costa Rica surfing beaches at Tamarindo Surf Academy and take home more than just pictures.

Costa Rica Surfing Beaches
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