Costa Rica Surf Camp

Costa Rica Surf Camp

Spend time at a Costa Rica surf camp that can really make a difference in your technique. Whether you’re a newcomer to the surfing scene or you’ve been surfing for some time but just need to hone your skills, we have an instructor to perfectly match your needs. Tamarindo Surf Academy is considered one of the best places in all of Costa Rica to hit the waves.

Safe, Anxiety-Free Surf lessons

Don’t be intimidated by Costa Rica’s reputation as the surf capital of the world- Tamarindo’s unique ocean floor creates an atmosphere that is ideal for all surf levels. Your very first surf lesson will start right on the hardpan surf where you’ll learn about surfing safety and how to stay atop your board. Once you’ve developed a solid base of operation, we’ll move you into the water where you’ll experience the thrill of riding your very first wave.

All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome

Once you pass the first lesson, you’ll be invited to take part in one of our surf camps: select from 3-lesson and 5-lesson courses, depending on your objectives. Unless you have some prior experience on a board, we’ll recommend the 3-lesson course to help you work on your paddling technique and improve wave selection. We pack a lot of teaching into those three lessons, and we give our students the individual attention we think you deserve.

For More Experienced Surfers

If you come to Tamarindo Surf Academy with some hours under your belt, you’ll find our 5-lesson Costa Rica surf camp the best option for honing skills and working on already established patterns. We’ll work with you out past the breakers where green wave opportunities are plentiful. Our time spent with you will consist of assessing strengths and weaknesses and working on helping you become a better surfer.

Book Your Lesson Early

Surf lessons tend to fill up rather quickly at Tamarindo Surf Academy- especially during peak times of the year when we see visitors from across the globe who come to Tamarindo for the best surfing in the world. For this reason, we recommend booking your lessons as soon as you know you’ll be in the area or as soon as your plane hits the ground and you settle in to your hotel room. For the most value for your investment, ask our staff about lesson packages to help you achieve your goals.

Be Selective Where You Surf

Before you agree to lessons at any other Costa Rica surf camp, make sure you look into their instructors’ qualifications and the costs of lessons. In the end, you’ll find Tamarindo Surf Academy offers the best deals on lessons and camps, employs the most qualified instructors, and has your ultimate experience at the heart of all we do. We don’t just want to sell a surf lesson- we want to help you create a memorable experience you’ll look back on as the best time you spent in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Surf Camp
Tamarindo Surf Academy
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