Best Places To Surf In Costa Rica

Best Places To Surf In Costa Rica

A trip to Costa Rica would simply not be complete without a day spent in the sand and surf getting your feet wet- but don’t stop there; some of the best places to surf in Costa Rica offer beginner lessons and opportunities to surf some of the best waves in the world. Tamarindo Surf Academy offers individual surf lessons and surf camps for the best possible take-home memories.

Make Time To Surf in Tamarindo

Whatever your reasons for visiting beautiful Costa Rica, be sure to carve out some time for yourself to play in the pristine waters of Tamarindo Beach. Even if you’ve never tried surfing in the past or have been apprehensive about taking a lesson, our instructors can get you on a board and out into the surf tacking some pretty impressive waves. You’ll have the time of your life learning how to surf with our staff.

Our Exclusive Location

We happen to be located in one of the hottest spots in all of Tamarindo Beach, with close-to-the-beach surfing that’s ideal for beginners and out-past-the-breakers- surfing for our visitors with some experience under their belts. Whatever your level of comfort and expertise, we’ll make sure your time spent with our instructors is of value. Choose from the following lessons:

  • Single Beginner Lesson, starting at just $50, we introduce surfing to visitors with no prior experience with a surfboard- and you’re going to love every minute of our time together.
  • 3 Lesson Surf Camp- our most popular choice. Starting at just $55, you’ll improve your skills and spend some quality time in the water during your 3-lesson camp.
  • 5 Lesson Surf Camp, also starting at just $55. Now is your chance to get out past the whitewater and catch your very first clean and green unbroken waves. Even if you have some experience riding green waves but need some improvement on form or technique, we can offer a lot in our 5 lesson camp.

Tamarindo- One of the Best Places to Surf in Costa Rica

Most of Costa Rica’s beaches are better suited for more experienced surfers, which is what makes Tamarindo one of the best places to surf in Costa Rica. Not only are there ample opportunities for first-time surfers to get on a board and learn how to surf, but there are also excellent green waves rolling in further out- ideal for those with some skill. Every member of your group will have a terrific time at Tamarindo Surf Academy.

Book a Lesson Now

Our schedule fills up pretty quickly, especially during peak seasons, so be sure to book your lesson or surf camp early to ensure availability. Call or book through our website- you can learn more about our awesome instructors and their passion for teaching surfing to our visitors just by clicking the ‘Instructors’ link on our site. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime surfing the beautiful waters of Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Best Places To Surf In Costa Rica
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