TAMARINDO SURF ACADEMY by Cala Luna - Guanacaste, Costa Rica
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The Best Surf School in Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica !


Certainly, Tamarindo, located in Costa Rica's north Pacific coast, is a surfing mecca, with waves to suit the abilities of the pros who’ve been at the sport for decades and those trying to stand on a board for the first time. Take advantage of not only the many surf breaks in and around Tamarindo beach, but also of the area’s most professional, high-quality surf school, Tamarindo Surf Academy.
Founded and still led by a former pro surfer, our Costa Rica surf school takes surf lessons a step further than other surfing schools in the country. Based at Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas, this surf academy continues the hotel’s tradition of providing people with the utmost in personalized service and attention. That means you won’t be lumped into big groups and thrown out to sea with little guidance. Instead, Tamarindo Surf Academy does one-on-one lessons or groups no bigger than four people. The result is that our ISA-certified instructor has the opportunity to give individualized tips and tricks the whole time, because he is focused on you rather than on a group.
As an added bonus, our instructor is qualified to teach Stand Up Paddleboarding if that’s more your style.